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I'm Fion

You can easily find me online. I am always eager to learn and ready to help others. Listening and giving support to people’s ideas make my life richer and they never stop leaving me amazed with their superb ideas. Apart from creative services, I love exploring side hustle ideas and cooking.

don't ever doubt your capability

The fact that I quit and failed twice at college does not make me a terrible person. There are different kinds of people in this world, and it just happened that I am more of a practical type with needing to get my hands dirty in order to grasp the whole process. The experience I got by stepping out of my comfort zone and seeking valuable experiences makes me much more than a professional when I graduate. You know better than anyone else what you need to do now to accomplish your ultimate goal. It is okay to go your own way.
I grew up being told “Try it. It is okay.” It seems very simple but these are the magic words that form my personality today. Never give up before you try, and it is okay. Yes, it is stressful but that is only when you just started. You get better each day. Looking back now, isn’t it amazing?

 So, if you really need someone to talk about your ideas, I can be a good listener!

some fun facts

about me


I am a cancer survivor.



I run a minimum of 5km per day to meditate.



I have been to more than 10 countries and China is my favorite.



I was a piano teacher.



I was  CMS consultant for a few big brands like Fresh Beauty.

Do you have dreams? Me too!

While I am primarily providing web design and development services, that is not the only skill set that I am capable of. For my diploma, I studied 2D animation, video editing, and game design, while attaining my degree in programming.

I launched Fis Four Experience to help people and most of my network has come from word of mouth. There are many professionals out there, but not all of them are following best practices. We know the Internet is the absolute path for future business growth. Why not start my business myself at the perfect time?

Thousands of dreamers are stuck because of a thousand reasons. I am born to help you to believe that dreams are more than just soft dreams. I believe that you deserve to live just as you find yourself in your dreams. Dreams can only be realized if you take the first step.

……  read clients love

Fion, set an exemplary attitude when she is working with me. Projects are handed on time and within budget . 👍

Chia Weng Yan

Founder at Kon Nii Sdn Bhd

Fion is a wonderful and creative person who is always full with positive energy. She is great to work with and handle her work well. She is capable to complete each task perfectly and on time. When she faces problems, she will always find a way to solve it, or give alternate solutions. She is always finding new updates in terms of creativity, or technology to help with the works, and she is always happy with share. It is fun to work with her.

So, I would highly recommend her for creative graphic design projects or website design and development projects.

Raymond Lim

Founder of RayL Creative

A wonderful lady, she is hardworking and independent. She always deliver on time for the work and learn the required skills for the job.
An excellent web developer as well. She has supported my client for the updates and maintenance. Just an excellent lady to work with. Highly recommended. Love to work with her.

Yugene Lee

Founder of Jin Design


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© 2020 fis4exp • All rights reserved