……  read clients love

Fion, set an exemplary attitude when she is working with me. Projects are handed on time and within budget . 👍

Chia Weng Yan

Founder at Kon Nii Sdn Bhd

Fion is a wonderful and creative person who is always full with positive energy. She is great to work with and handle her work well. She is capable to complete each task perfectly and on time. When she faces problems, she will always find a way to solve it, or give alternate solutions. She is always finding new updates in terms of creativity, or technology to help with the works, and she is always happy with share. It is fun to work with her.

So, I would highly recommend her for creative graphic design projects or website design and development projects.

Raymond Lim

Founder of RayL Creative

A wonderful lady, she is hardworking and independent. She always deliver on time for the work and learn the required skills for the job.
An excellent web developer as well. She has supported my client for the updates and maintenance. Just an excellent lady to work with. Highly recommended. Love to work with her.

Yugene Lee

Founder of Jin Design


Book a session with me and let’s sort it out. You might not need a website right now and it is okay about that. 

Well, we can help if you need us to create it for you? We do have those services provided to help you kick start your business right away.

Don’t worry about that at all, we have solutions for you. We have content management system solution to propose that as easy as drag and drop that you do not need any programming knowledge at all.


Sure! We have two options working together.

We call the fates of the Titanic and the Concordia – as well as those of the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia – ‘accidents.’ Foreseeing such undesirable events is what engineers are expected to do. However, design trade-offs leave technological.

You may need to purchase your own domain and considering the platform you want to host your website or you can have it done with us.


© 2020 fis4exp • All rights reserved


© 2020 fis4exp • All rights reserved