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Ken & Co Property Company has been serving the locals of Kuching, Sarawak since 2010. As a result of their reliability in picking the right properties for their audiences, they have been growing so quickly that their first choice of building content in a blog space could not handle their load. A decision had finally been made to make everything more efficient and automated. was previously a blog site, and using the local platform called caused a few problems, especially their weak brand recognition. Moving to a standalone website would be the ideal solution.
"Empowering agents to amplify brand consistency while navigating the digital landscape to propel business forward."


Focus On The Usability

Although switching to a personal website appears to better serve their audience, we believe that the most important factor would be the agents’ ability to complete their tasks effectively. After all, website visitors are reading the content they publish.
Abraham Maslow’s UX Hierarchy of Needs strongly define our product direction.


Very differently, locals always inquire about the land or property’s entire size before moving on to other information. They are more receptive to information when it comes from somebody they already know.
The diagram below is the process reference we will use for the entire project process.It is never too old to lay out the fundamental expectations for stakeholders and the development team using a simple diagram.


The design on our platform will always be subject to change, as it adapts to the behavior of our users.

Filter form implemented for year 2017.

The remarkable shifts in user behavior post-2020 and 2021 have accelerated the pace at which users retrieve their desired information, prompting us to new changes of our filter forms.

Updated filter form implemented for year 2023.

The initial iteration of the form utilized by real estate agents for listing creation underwent progressive design enhancements. It became apparent that agents struggled to consistently input content in the required format, leading to user confusion. A key factor prompting intervention in this area was agents’ inability to publish listings more than three to four times daily. Addressing this challenge involved examining agents’ behavior regarding the listing creation form-filling process. The issue predominantly affected agents who primarily operated on mobile devices, with screen size impacting their ability to focus on additional required steps for successful listing creation. Consequently, agents often had to repeat these steps multiple times.
Preview of the form for agents to upload their listings via browsers on their devices.
The implemented design solution involved consolidating the form’s sequence onto a single page. Agents exhibit greater confidence in completing each form efficiently when they can fill in each section without toggling between screens for verification. Concerns regarding the length of the page when scrolled proved unfounded, as organizing it according to scrolling facilitated agents’ focus on the essential content. The effectiveness of this design solution is evident from agents’ seamless access since implementation, with publishing failures decreasing to zero.

Kickstart With Branding

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