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Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average across the globe. That comes out to 228 million searches per hour, 5.6 billion searches per day, or 2 trillion searches per year!

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Hello, Business Builder

My name is Fion.

Just like you, I am currently on my entrepreneurial journey too.

We know growing business is difficult. Tons of “to do list” to be completed every day.

That is why we are here to help you.

Put a finger down, if you want;

If you want all from the above, hit the button below to book a 45 Minutes Powerful Strategy Call For FREE with me now!

A wonderful lady, she is hardworking and independent. She always deliver on time for the work and learn the required skills for the job.
An excellent web developer as well. She has supported my client for the updates and maintenance. Just an excellent lady to work with. Highly recommended. Love to work with her.

Yugene Lee
Founder of Jin Design  | Singapore

Our Expertise May Provide You With An Unexpected Result.

With Our Easy-Tech-Free Minimal Maintenance Website Solution
Website That Is Functional

Imagine you had a wonderful salesperson who was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Assisting you in identifying and targeting your ideal audience.

Save Time + Make Money

Stop wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to figure out things that can be accomplished in a few days by experts. You can get lot more time and surpass your competitors.

Explicit High Standard Design Presentation

You are excellent in your major professions, and we must consistently present that to the market. We are not just building trust but also confident to your audience.

Easy-Tech-Free Minimal Maintenance

We provide an Easy-Tech-Free, Minimal-Maintenance website solution that can be managed with a single click, sparing you from all hassle.


We specialize in these platform and expertise to provide you with the highest quality services based on your needs and requirements.


Recent Work That We Had Crafted

Do you want your business to be presented like any of these?
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Jennifer Bohn

Founder of Heart Shine Health

There are thousands of coaches helping people in the market and we are all blessed to have someone out there ready to help whenever we need some guidance. Jennifer has great programs to offer but she needs new leads too. Letting people know her with a glimpse is one of the big goals we are having in this project.

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Melanie Bucking

Founder of Rimbun Tropika

Plants require a great deal of passion because if they are not cared for with love, they will not grow well. Melanie is a unique woman who provided us a great deal of knowledge about the natural world, and we assisted her in putting her thoughts and feelings into words by developing a brand that is easily recognised and remembered.

Fion is a wonderful and creative person who is always full with positive energy. She is great to work with and handle her work well. She is capable to complete each task perfectly and on time. When she faces problems, she will always find a way to solve it, or give alternate solutions. She is always finding new updates in terms of creativity, or technology to help with the works, and she is always happy with share. It is fun to work with her.

So, I would highly recommend her for creative graphic design projects or website design and development projects.

Raymond Leong
Founder of RayL Creative  | Australia

With Our Proven Quality Process

We adhere to efficient, high-quality work delivery so you can stop waiting for things to be done.








100% Satisfaction Or Money Guarantee Back

We prioritise and respect both sides’ work procedures. Each phase of the project will afford you the opportunity to select whether or not to continue the next phase of the project.

WARNING : We reserve our right to revoke this offer anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a website is equivalent to operating your own business store. Social media might resemble an easily accessible market stall. Professionally, where will your high-end client like to hangout? Creating a website for your brand provides a more professional presentation to your audience than social media platform.

WHAT IF, your account has been shut down from their platform and you are risking loosing all of your valuable content.

Not to worry. If you have no idea on where and what to start, you can book my 45 Minutes Power Strategy Call For Free. We will guide you step by step.

We have lists of services that can help you kickstart your business online.

Different online opportunities exist for every business. Here is the catch: if you do not share your brilliant thoughts with the world, no one will know you. Potential does not simply relate to your specialized niche only; a good business can expand into unexpected directions.

We can all agree that everything is fairly priced. There is no certainty about the exact amount you will be required to pay for the complete range of services, given your condition. We do offer payment assistance that enables you to pay in two or three instalments, but these options are subject to your and my final agreement.

The specific targeting content we will be creating for your online presentation is something we have yet to fully discuss in our services. We conduct market research and analysis to thoroughly research the language and needs of your target audience. Given that we are developing a 24-hour online salesperson who can assist you in filtering and speaking only to the right audiences.

Time is money.

Do not let minor distractions keep you from doing what you do best. We can collaborate and move greatly.


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