Alfred Property Management Application

Alfred Prop help connect property developers with their homeowners during the vacant possession period. It is an application that replace the troublesome of searching the manager for 24 hours. It has all the basic features that a manager and homeowner needs.​​​​​​​

This project prioritizes to help our client to focus on their main goal and create effective user journey based on their services. The research and feedback lead us to conclude all services in the application into 4 main effective and functional tab in the footer menu bar.
Next, we use the psychology of colour to guide our user through the journey; which are better than text. By applying this method, we use bright colour for the primary button to allow the users to perform their goals instantly.

We designed various forms for all sorts of needs and conditions for management usage. By applying the familiarity common sense of users, each form can be navigated directly from the options chosen without risking our users to struggle while accessing the application. This treatment help users to solve their needs and also assist the managers to progress faster at the same time.

Understand and reflecting
Defining the user journey by referring to the ultimate goal and secondary goals from the client. Reflecting the requirements based on the research and feedback from managers and residents. Date collected according to the target audience range from the age of 18 – 60; done in 3 different phase which is sorting out the user journey, wireframe (lo-fi prototype) and graphic implementation.

Kickstart With Branding

Something that is eyecatchy that is to get audience see

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